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Promotional Multi Charging Cables

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Promotional USB Chargers

Branded USB chargers are logo printed for promotional gifts and the wall chargers plug into the mains sockets with UK or Continental plugs to provide multiple USB outputs for to charge devices and equipment. Also the desktop USB charging stations are popular for the workspace.

Branded Multi Charger Cables

The most popular promotional charging cables are the multi-connector type especially with USB A and USB C inputs since they are useful for all of the latest mobile phones so you don't need to worry about what brand of mobile phone your customer has.

Logo branded cables must be one of the most welcome SWAG giveaway items because every one gets use and the cable body of multi connector cables gives ample space to display your company logo.

Our UU102 is amongst our best selling universal branded charging cables with its optional attractive resin dome decal for logo branding. It connects a USB charging source to iPhone Lightning, USB C for Samsung and Micro-USB.

Charging cables with logos that light up

Many multi end charging cables have the very attractive feature of lighting up your logo when connected to a USB power source.

The 4 in 1 multi head charger Xoopar Octopus and the rPET Bamboo BU25 are a popular examples and the BU019 4-in-1 is a thing of beauty with its braided cord.

Custom bespoke shapes for charging cables

The MK026 is a 3D moulded custom charger cable with your own bespoke design mold which really stands out in the crowd.

Meanwhile the UG34 is a 2D moulded bespoke USB cable with the option for LED illumination of your logo.

The perfect complimentary product for cables is the promotional power bank and we have a tremendous selection to choose from.

Promotional Multi Charging Cables

Promotional Multi Charging Cables