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Branded Travel Adapters and Travel Chargers with USB-C and A

Promotional SKRoss® Travel Adapters

These are original SKROSS® world travel adapters with space for your company logo to be printed in either three or four positions on the body of the device.

The name SKROSS is absolutely associated with high quality and when you give these as promotional gifts to your clients they can be assured of the quality and safety of a leading brand.

The name SKROSS has been familiar with travellers for many years since their worldwide power adaptors have had a high visibility in shops at airports.

Placing your logo on these products for a corporate gift ensures your brand is associated with quality.

Travel Adaptors & USB Mains Wall Chargers

Here's our range of custom branded travel adaptors & plugs and travel charging kits for promotional business gifts, many with USB power supplies incorporated.

First we have a mixture of logo printed international mains power adaptors many with multiple USB charging outputs so they double as a wall charger for your mobile devices. They make great corporate gifts for international travelers in industries where people are always one the move.

Our newest additions to the range of logo branded travel adaptors is the three OL models which conform to the new British Standard BS8546, EN60950 and RoHS so you know you are getting a quality product with a great safety pedigree.

With built-in over current protection they are made of a flame retardant black or white polycarbonate material and can be used in 150 countries including Europe, Australia and America. A company can issue corporate travel adapters to its travelling employees ensuring they are equipped safely.

OL200 has USB-A and USB-C ports with 20W charging power for fast charging and can be logo printed in two locations and also branding on the rigid EVA zipped case. It has a built in BS1362 10A fuse suitable for use with medium appliances such as hair dryers, irons and other medium-sized appliances.

OL202 has two USB-A ports providing 12W charging power, can be printed in three locations and also has the rigid case.

OL204 is more compact without USB ports, can be printed in two locations and has a soft pouch to protect it during transit.

Logo branded travel adaptors

Promotional travel adaptors