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Wheat Straw & Bamboo 3 Way Charging Cable BU27

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  •  charging cable

    Wheat Straw & Bamboo 3 Way Charging Cable

  • Head detail of the 3 way charging cable

    Head detail of the 3 way charging cable

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With a bamboo head and corn and wheat straw wires this 3 way multi-charging cable has USB A and USB C inputs and three outputs USB Micro, USB C, Lightning adapter.


Bamboo & TPE / ABS /PP & biodregradable corn & wheat straw OD3.5, 24 AWG Wires, for charging only.

Charging speed (three heads evenly for single charging): A. 6pin 5V2A 10W, B Micro: 5V 2A 10W, C. Type C 5V 2A 10W.

Logo lights up

The LED logo option means your company logo lights up when power is connected.

Product Code:BU27
Colour:Primary degradable colour
Dimensions:165 x 80 x 10mm
Net weight:25g
Print Type1 colour / 2 colour print logo on front side
Print Size28 x 28mm maximum
Minimum Order:100 pieces
Lead time:2-3 weeks
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