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Promotional Power Banks

Many of our power banks are cheap enough to be used to market your brand name as promotional power banks given away at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and other events.

Our more high-end power banks make impressive corporate gifts and can be used by companies for their employees to use when working off-site or travelling.

Power Banks with UK stock and 24 Hour Express option

Interesting styles

Xoopar Promotional Power Banks

The famous Xoopar retail brand can be tailored with your own company branding. Where you see the illuminated Xoopar logo in these examples that's where your own logo appears lit up with LED light. The Xoopar Squid power chargers have soft suckers to conveniently attach to mobile phones.

Express delivery including 24 Hour.

We stock plenty of these express items in the UK so we can print them and get them to you the very next business day (so long as you get your order in early enough subject to the courier being able to support next day delivery to your location). We ship globally.

Custom Shape Power Banks for your BESPOKE DESIGN

Custom means bespoke. Send us your design or chosen shape and we'll turn it into a custom power bank that is unique to your brand.

You can have any shape that you like. We show three popular 2 dimensional styles; one in the shape of a human that can represent your staff who provide a service, a lorry to symbolise your business activity or the shape of your business logo.

The ultimate is to have a three dimensional design like the airplane example. Being unique gives you branding without compromise.