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Branded Power Banks & Portable Phone Chargers

Our massive range of promotional power banks extends from low cost giveaways for trade events to very classy high powered corporate gifts. The high quality power banks printed with a company logo can be used in-house for employees when you need to ensure they have a charging source when on the move.

Your company logo can be laser etched, full-colour printed or lit up with an LED backlight for a great branding effect.

Low minimum quantities of 50 is normal but some models are available with minimums of only 10 units with express delivery from UK stock.

The smallest is a 500mAh branded phone charger that easily slips into a pocket or handbag and that has an integrated lead for Apple and Android phones.

At the other end we have a massive 24000mAh portable charger which can be used as a logo branded power bank for employees in the field or a meaningful corporate gift.

We have many section so here's a jump list: WirelessPremium QualityExpressGift SetsCustom Bespoke Shapes

We have a tremendous selection of branded power banks and it can be daunting to make a choice for your particular needs, so we have written a buyers guide for power banks below with our ideas and examples of logo branding styles.

The best branded merchandise is something the customer feels an attachment to and the reassurance of having a fully charged portable charger will be associated with your brand.

Our Best Selling Power Bank Giveaways

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Luxury Portable Chargers, Xoopar Lighting range

The famous Xoopar retail brand can be tailored with you own printed company logo. Instead of the illuminated Xoopar logo in these examples your own logo appears lit up with LED light. The Xoopar Squid power chargers have soft suckers to conveniently attach to mobile phones.

Hi-Colour Range

All the products in our Hi-Colour Range are available in these colours.

Colour Band

The Hi-Colour Range extends to a whole family of colour coordinated products so that you can choose a range of matching but varied promotional giveaways. That includes mobile charging accessories, audio products and gift sets combining many products together.

Below we show the power banks and for the other items please see our Hi-Colour products.

Express Power Banks including 24 Hour.

We stock plenty of these express items in the UK so we can print them and get them to you the very next business day (so long as you get your order in early enough subject to the courier being able to support next day delivery to your location). We ship globally.

Custom Power Banks with Bespoke Shapes

Custom means bespoke. Send us your shape and we'll turn it into a custom power bank.

What's your shape?

You can have any shape power bank charger that you like. We show three popular 2 dimensional styles in the shape of a human that can represent your staff who provide a service, a lorry to symbolise your business activity or the shape of your business logo.

The ultimate is to have a 3 dimensional power bank design like the airplane example. Being unique gives you branding without compromise.

Promotional Wireless Power Banks

Branded Wireless Power Banks

Branded Wireless Power Banks

Power banks that include a QI wireless charger are wireless power banks and that makes for a pretty exclusive gift. The convenience of being able to charge a mobile phone remotely and without any wires is uncompromising.

QI chargers are themselves pretty as promotional items for the best customers, clients and prospects and power banks are very popular. Combine the two and you have a very special logo branded product.

Some of our wireless power banks light up to display your company logo to make a powerful statement.

On each product page we show prices so that you can appreciate that these branded gifts are something special and many of these are top quality high-end products from our designer ranges including Cellularline.

Our prices are for guidance since prices fluctuate so please always ask for a quote using the form on each product page. Maybe prices have fallen since we updated our web pages.

The round BP2157 is the lowest cost QI power bank and it lights up to display your logo and design in full colour. It is available in four power ranges from 2000mAh to 5000mAh.

All of these wireless power banks contain lithium polymer power cells ranging up to 8000mAh.

Power Bank Gift Sets, 12 to 15 Working Days with 7 Working Day Express Option

Power Bank Gift Sets with a 7 day lead time.

Promotional power banks guide for buyers.

Budget Power Banks

Budget Power Banks

Cheapest first.

Quite often you start by concentrating on price where you zoom in on the cheapest available to compare ours with the cheapest from other suppliers. The problem is that there are bound to be differences and you will rarely find a like for like comparison. Also even if the price is shown it is likely to be a guide since the prices fluctuate with time and whether your required delivery date allows for the shipping time from a lower cost factory such as in the far east.

To give you a good starting point take a look at our top four on this page. These are the lowest price power banks and most commonly bought for promotional gifts because you get more items for your budget. They are commonplace in style and are good for the purpose of giving away and not a huge amount is expected of them.

They make excellent SWAG (stuff we all get) to be given at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences since they useful for keeping mobiles charged. But please note that having been stored before shipping to you they are unlikely to hold a full charge and if you have bought a large quantity for event giveaways you probably won't have time to charge them all yourself.

Less common more attractive designs.

To promote your brand with more meaningful prospects, established contacts and customers it's worth breaking out from the budget range and making a branded gift that has more substance. You could simply take the understated route of a nice design with a bigger charge capacity which is genuinely more useful for multiple charges of mobile devices including tablets and lap-tops or you could choose a power bank that simply looks fantastic. You could do both.

This range gives us a huge choice of power bank options that meets those criteria and this is where it gets daunting. So let's focus of a few key features of the range.

Branded Power Bank Styles

Branded Power Bank Styles

Light up logo power banks.

There's something bold and confident about choosing to show your branding lit up with LED lighting. Usually these light up when charging a device or when being charged from a source like a mains charger. Sometimes this is done with a tranlucent printed layer on top of a backlight LED where the whole area lights up. Another method is the same but with only the logo allowing the light through and rest blanked off.

LED Logo Power Banks

LED Logo Power Banks

Multi function power banks.

To add novelty a power bank can have other functions built in such as a lamp or as the base of a printed display station that can sit upon a table. A popular dual function format is the lanyard power bank which can impress conference delegates.

LED Lamp Power Banks

LED Lamp Power Banks

Multi-Use Power Banks

Multi-Use Power Banks, Lanyard & Advertising Station

QI Wireless power banks

Combining a power bank with a wireless charger makes perfect sense since you can dispense with connectors completely whilst out and about. You simply place a QI wireless enabled phone on top of the charger pad and switch the charger pad on.

Is this a power bank with a wireless charger (wireless power banks) or is it a wireless charger with a power bank? We let you decide. Either way they make a perfect couple.

QI Wireless power bank

QI Wireless power bank

Custom power banks

The word custom is ambiguous since it could simply mean customised with a printed logo but to us it means a bespoke shape that is impressive because it is unique to your brand. There's nothing else like it.

These can either be in the form of a two dimensional shape resembling your company logo or your product or even a 3D mould that encases the body of the power bank. These are made from a rubber or silicone material with a pleasant tactile texture.

Custom Power Banks

Custom Power Banks

Lithium-Ion versus Lithium Polymer

As you would expect the cheapest power banks are made with economy of scale and ease of manufacture and they are most commonly based on a cylindrical 2200mAh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cell which is mass produced.

Lithium-polymer battery cells can be made into any shape rather than cylindrical which usually means they are flat and rectangular so that they are in keeping with the mobile phones that they are most often used to power. Indeed some power banks are made to resemble mobile phones and they store away neatly in travel bags and pockets. Being flat gives an ideal body for a nice big printed logo on one or both sides giving you great exposure for your company branding.

A lithium-polymer can be very thin with enough charge (500mAh) for a pocket sized emergency mobile phone back-up or can be a very substantial 12000mAh block.

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) versus Lithium Polymer Power Banks

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) versus Lithium Polymer Power Banks

Storage capacity.

A big factor influencing your choice is the mAh charge capacity since that impacts upon the price. At the budget end the cheaper 2200mAh lithium ion batteries are reputed to be able to fully re-charge a mobile phone but only provide an emergency top-up for some of the modern phone models which have bigger batteries. Note that some higher capacity power banks are good value because they combine several of these cheap 2200mAh cells to produce capacities of 4400mAh and 6600mAh and other multiples.

The bigger the storage the more impressive the power bank but for a promotional gift you cannot know what devices the recipient has to be charged so you need work out how you can trade off storage capacity against the quantity you can buy.

For a corporate power bank for use in-house by employees you will probably know the equipment they are using in the field so you can work out how big a power bank they need.

If the power bank is to be a corporate gift we presume that you are looking to make a significant impression so perhaps your branding would be restrained and tasteful whilst the capacity large, say 10,000mAh plus. You might consider the top quality range for executive management level gifts or the crystal glass models which look like mobile phones.

Corporate power banks.

You might be thinking of buying a reliable high storage portable charger with your corporate branding for use in-house by your employees or you maybe have in mind a high quality corporate gift for a special client or company executive. Either way our top quality power banks range provides a superb choice from well known high-end manufacturers like Xoopar and Cellularline.

Corporate Power Bank

Corporate Power Bank

How to choose a logo branding print method for power banks

Spot printed product, white on textured black paint.

Spot printing, white on textured black paint.

Spot colour printing or solid colour.

An ink is made up to the colour you require and it is applied to the body. The method of applying the ink is often using offset litho which means the ink is applied to a metal plate, then transfered to a rubber roller which is rolled over the body of the item.

That's the simplest and cheapest method for applying one standard colour from a stock range. If you would like more than one colour the process is repeated with a different coloured ink for spot colour printing and that allows up to four colours.

In this example we see a power bank with a single white solid ink printed onto the cylindrical body that has been painted black with a texture paint. Simple but effective.

Pantone solid colour logo printing.

Spot colour solid printing can use Pantone colours to match your business logo. In this case your colour choice is made into an ink which is made up from Pantone inks and the solid colour print method is used.

Pad printing or tampo printing

Pad printing is the method of applying inks to the body of the product. Sometimes the offset litho method does not work especially when the object has a curved surface.

Pad printing overcomes this applying the spot colour or four colour process inks from a sponge pad that moves over the curved surface whilst keeping in contact.

Four colour print process (CMYK), process colours, 4/c process.

When tiny dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black are combined next to each other the eye is fooled into seeing other colours.

By varying the percentage of each of those colours, thousands of colours can be produced and this method is suitable for reproducing photographs or photorealistic and sophisticated logos without the expense of more than four printing plates.

Full colour digital printing on power bank chargers.

Full colour digital printing is a modern and versatile method of applying ink without transferring from an intermediate surface like a roller or plate. The colours are richer than with the more labourious CMYK Pad Printing and photorealistic images allow great detail for complex corporate logos.

Full colour digital printing is 4 Colour Digital Printing Process or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) using ink jet technology plus UV curing (ultra violet light) that is so accurate that single droplets of different colour inks a tenth of a millimetre in diameter can be printed directly on top of another. Millions of colour shades can be printed in one process and the UV curing process fixes the ink so that there's no drying time and no need for a protective laminate.

A big advantage of digital printing is that it is easy to print images onto promotional items to exactly match your other print media used throughout for your whole marketing campaign.

In the examples on the right the speckling effect is made striking by the textured silver metal.

Full colour digital print of Crowdmix logo.

Power bank logo branding with full colour digital print on a textured metal surface

Full colour digital printed Australia Events Business.

Full colour digital printing with multi coloured logo.

Power bank laser engraving

A high powered laser melts the surface of the body in an extremely precise way that enables very fine details in logo and branding messages in small font sizes. For metal the logo can appear lighter than the metal or darker depending on whether the light is glancing off the metal. Laser engraving is also used on wood where it darkens the surface by localised burning.

Laser engraved power bank with a crisp small font.

Laser engraved power bank with a crisp small font.

Laser engraved wording on wood.

Laser engraved portable charger wording on wood.

The continuing market for branded power banks

For how long will the market for power banks persist? Some products come and go pretty quickly but power bank charging looks like it will continue to be important so long as mobile phones are around and nobody can envisage their demise.

Better quality newer phones have QI charging for wireless recharging and there is a possibilty that free charging points will be so commonplace that you won't need a power bank. However there will always be budget phones whose costs are kept down by excluding QI.

Predictions for their market growth vary massively such that we could be throwing our hands in the air. For example this article from Grand View Reseach which was written back in 2019 quotes a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4% up until 2027 starting at USD 6.8 billion in 2019. Isn't 18.4% pretty optimistic?

Meanwhile Allied Market Research says the global power bank market size was valued at $17.41 billion in 2019, reaching $22.34 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 3.4%.

We did our own investigation by looking at UK Power Bank Statistics of 2021 and found seasonal peaks in summer. We think that power banks will continue to be an important promotional product for the forseeable future.