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Logo Branded Power Banks for Promotions

Our massive range of promotional power banks extends from low cost giveaways for trade events to very classy high powered corporate gifts. The higher quality power banks printed with a company logo can be used in-house for employees to ensure they have a charging source when on the move.

Your power bank can be laser etched, full-colour printed or lit up with an LED backlight for a great branding effect.

Low minimum quantities of 50 is normal but some models are available with minimums of only 10 units with express delivery from UK stock.

The smallest is a 500mAh branded phone charger XOP3165 that easily slips into a pocket or handbag and that has an integrated lead for Apple and Android phones.

At the other end we have a massive 12000mAh portable charger BP1781 which can be used for employees in the field or as an impactful corporate gift.

We have many sections so here's a jump list: WirelessPremium QualityExpressGift SetsCustom Bespoke Shapes

With our tremendous selection it can be daunting to make a choice for your particular needs, so our power bank style guide below for ideas and examples of branding styles.

The best branded merchandise is something the customer feels an attachment to and the reassurance that comes from having your promotional portable charger will be associated with your brand.

Now that you are looking at our power banks then you could also be interested in promotional multi charging cables too since they are connected. Is that a pun?

Our Best Selling Promotional Power Banks

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Interesting styles

Luxury Portable Chargers, Xoopar Lighting range

The famous Xoopar retail brand can be tailored with you own printed company logo. Instead of the illuminated Xoopar logo in these examples your own logo appears lit up with LED light. The Xoopar Squid power chargers have soft suckers to conveniently attach to mobile phones.

Hi-Colour Range

All the products in our Hi-Colour Range are available in these colours.

Colour Band

The Hi-Colour Range extends to a whole family of colour coordinated products so that you can choose a range of matching but varied promotional giveaways. That includes mobile charging accessories, audio products and gift sets combining many products together. Below we show the power banks. For the whole collection please see our Hi-Colour products.

Express delivery including 24 Hour.

We stock plenty of these express items in the UK so we can print them and get them to you the very next business day (so long as you get your order in early enough subject to the courier being able to support next day delivery to your location). We ship globally.

Custom Shape Power Banks for your BESPOKE DESIGN

Custom means bespoke. Send us your shape and we'll turn it into a custom power bank.

What's your shape?

You can have any shape power bank charger that you like. We show three popular 2 dimensional styles in the shape of a human that can represent your staff who provide a service, a lorry to symbolise your business activity or the shape of your business logo.

The ultimate is to have a three dimensional design like the airplane example. Being unique gives you branding without compromise.

Promotional Wireless Power Banks

Wireless power banks with logo branding

Wireless power banks with logo branding

Power banks that include a QI wireless charger are wireless power banks and that makes for a pretty exclusive gift. The convenience of being able to charge a mobile phone remotely and without any wires is uncompromising.

QI chargers on their own are pretty impressive as promotional items but add to it electric storage for remote charging and you have a very special giveaway.

Some light up to display your company logo to make a powerful statement.

Generally these are big ticket items so on some product pages we show prices so that you can appreciate that these branded gifts are something special and many of these are top quality high-end products from our designer ranges including Cellularline.

Our prices are for guidance since they fluctuate greatly. Please always ask for a quote from the link on each product page. Maybe prices have fallen since we updated our web pages.

The round BP2157 is the lowest cost wireless product and it lights up to display your logo and design in full colour. It is available in four power ranges from 2000mAh to 5000mAh.

All of these contain lithium polymer power cells ranging up to 8000mAh.

Power Bank Gift Sets, 12 to 15 Working Days with 7 Working Day Express Option