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Branded Wireless Chargers for QI Mobile Phone Charging

QI Wireless charging, or induction charging is the latest technology for charging mobile phones and these branded wireless chargers are sure to impress when used as promotional products. Most have a large logo print area which looks amazing whilst some have LED light-up logos to make your corporate identity shine.

You simply plug the charger pad into a power source via its USB cable and place your QI enabled phone on the pad and charging begins automatically. For mobile phones without wireless capability you use a flat receiver coil that plugs into the phone's charging socket.

Wireless chargers with power banks

When a QI wireless charger incorporates a power bank you have a wireless power bank which allows fully portable charging without the need for any connector leads.

Some of our induction chargers below have power banks but the full collection is on our promotional power banks page.

Branded Wireless Chargers

Branded Wireless Chargers

QI Wireless Chargers

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Features guide for promotional wireless chargers.

Round charging pads.

The workings of a QI charger is a coil of fine wire and that is round so the simplest shape for the charger pad is circular. One thing about a round pad is that for the sake of symmetry you have an automatic tendency to place your mobile centrally so you naturally choose the optimum position for phone for maximum charging.

The simplest round QI pads are amongst the cheapest and whilst they are conveniently small and can tuck into a pocket they also have a smaller printable area which being round is particularly effective for a round company logo.

They all come with a USB cable for connecting to a power source.

Round wireless chargers

Round wireless chargers

Mobile phone stand QI chargers.

A perfect format for a promotional induction charger is a mobile phone stand that can sit next to your computer whilst plugged into a nearby USB socket.

Non-QI phone stands need to be plugged into the phone for charging and it's more of a fiddle to grab the phone when you have a phone call or a message that needs answering. These wireless stands are of course connectorless so there's no fuss and also there's no worries about whether your phone uses Lightning or Micro USB connectors.

It sits on your desk in full view and when you are not charging your mobile everyone in the office can see the printed logo boldly in view at a good display angle.

Mostly the stands are something to put and keep on your office desk but for the hot-desker on the move there is a neat fold away version with an adjustable slope.

Mobile phone stand QI chargers

Mobile phone stand QI chargers

Novel formats.

Creative designers have come up with some interesting ways to combine a wireless induction charger with another office item that can be logo printed to good effect. For example a mouse mat has a large print area for a promotional gift so equipping one with a charging area for a mobile phone is a novel and interesting idea that will appeal to some businesses. So if you are the kind of business who likes to promote your brand with giveaway mousemats not you can equip them with a QI charging feature. That would move your promotion up a gear from a giveaway to something more resembling a corporate gift.

Maybe an office desktop organiser with a bamboo tray would fit the bill. Or perhaps a USB charging cable with a lightning and Micro-USB adaptor would be good for non-QI phones but a QI charger pad area within the cable makes for an attention grabbing feature because it is so unusual.

A novel and very practical idea is a rectangular power bank that contains a wireless charger that has silicone rubber suckers to firmly attach it to the back of the mobile phone. It's incredibly simple and you can continue to use the phone with the charger in situ.

Novelty QI wireless chargers

Novelty formats for QI wireless chargers