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Logo Branded Headphones, Earphones & Earbuds.

Earphones and earbuds will always be popular giveaways for branded and promotional gifts, company logo printed for your clients or your staff as replacements for the worn out originals supplied with mobile phones.

Our range of promotional earbuds extends from very cost effective examples where your logo branding is printed on the storage case to some very high end True Wireless stereo bluetooth earphones with uncompromising audio quality.

Earbuds & Earphones

Promotional Headphones

About our range

Some of the higher quality earbuds are shaped with outward facing flat surfaces that are full colour printed. Some are wired and some use Bluetooth wireless with charging incorporated into the storage case with excellent battery life and wireless charging in the case which makes those particularly suitable for people who are constantly on the move.

For larger highly visual branding areas we provide earphones with lanyard straps which can be full surface printed with any message, design or logo that you like.

For our custom logo headphones the cheaper one's are wired but we have some classy hi-end Bluetooth headphones as well.

Logo branded earbuds and headphones

Promotional earbuds and headphones