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Bulk & Branded USB Sticks for Promotional Gifts.

UK Sourced with 24 Hour Express Option

Our E Range - EU Sourced for non-UK customers or destinations

All available in 5 full working day production +1 to 2 days delivery depending on your location.

Eco friendly branded USB sticks

PXK Designer Range of promotional USB flash drives

Promotional USB Sticks

These are branded USB sticks that are perfect as promotional gifts because they are logo printed in full colour or laser engraved. The price of all our bulk purchase USB drives includes the branding but you can ask us to quote for unbranded if you wish.

For many buyers these designs will be be familiar but to excel in your marketing you might consider our custom shaped USB sticks where you can decide on your own design and that includes the shape of the body.

We are a UK supplier of promotional flash drives and we ship worldwide. As well as supplies being sourced from outside the UK for many items we also hold UK stock for short lead times.

Branded USB sticks

Branded USB sticks

USB sticks colour

Our UK stocked twister USBs UU200 come in 14 body colours and 8 shield colours that you can mix & match for your own attractive bespoke combination.

USB stick logo printing is included in the price.

USB Branding methods

Normally spot colour or solid colour print is the cheapest but for most of our CPD range full colour digital is actually the cheapest option since we are geared up with the latest equipment. That range also allows personalisation between individual items as an additional option.

The Twister USB sticks with a integral rotating metal shield are the most popular. Although they are pretty standard everyone seems to love them because they are so familiar.

You can have your logo on each side within a rectangular area but the CDP32 allows you to brand over the whole metal surface so that looks pretty amazing. You also get top brand exposure on the flat plastic shapes which can be full colour over the whole front and back.

Data loading

Usually the purpose of using a USB flash memory for a trade show giveaway is that you can store your own promotional material on it such as a digital brochure or PDF file. This can be locked so that your business prospect always has it available yet can make good use of the spare memory on the drive.

Best sellers

Our best seller selection is great when buying a bulk order of USB sticks on a tight budget. The range carries most of our commonly asked for models, simple yet practical. There is something for every taste here.

This budget USB range contains our lowest priced selection of USB models.

The flash drive models in this range are available with the following memory capacities: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Other memory sizes might be available so please don't hesitate to ask - just click a product and tap your quantity into the easy form.

Bulk Quantities

For most USB sticks a bulk quantity means a minimum of 50 pieces but for some classier models a lower minimum is possible so please ask Crazy Dave. We frequently ship in bulk quantities in excess of 5000 at a low unit price.

Memory size versus quantity

When deciding a budget it is worth noting that bigger memories impress the client more but with more pieces you can reach more potential customers.

Colour choices

All the plastic and rubber areas can be pantone matched to your exact corporate colours and all the metal areas can be engraved with your company logo.

Your USB stick bulk purchase

A USB bulk purchase gives you big economies of scale. For smaller memory sizes the bulk prices have a big variation depending on the quantity but for larger memory sizes more of your budget goes towards the cost of the chip so the price variation with quantity is less.

For our USB sticks with codes beginning with PXK the price break-points are for bulk quantities of 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000. For the CPU prefix there is an addition price point for 5000. Let us know your own quantity and we will see how competitive we can be.

For our CPD coded custom shaped USB sticks the minimum bulk purchase is for 50 and we don't specify price points above that. As always the moral of the story is ask Crazy Dave via a simple form on any product page. We'll get back you with details and prices very quickly.

If you are having a conference or other event where you hand out printed material please see our Conference USB page to see why a USB stick could prove the best solution.

Wholesale USB Sticks

When you are looking for wholesale USB flash drives you won't find many companies holding stock because prices are so volatile. So the best way to buy at wholesale prices is through a specialist promotional USB supplier. That's us! We deal directly with the manufacturers who are often in the Far East and can produce at the lowest prices. We also access USB stocks held in the UK so you can get very fast delivery even when logo branded. Our bulk prices are very competitive and as good as wholesale prices.