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Promotional Bluetooth Speakers for Logo Branded Gifts.

Branded Bluetooth Speakers for Quality Promotional Gifts

Wired (non-Bluetooth) Logo Printed Speakers

Our Branded Bluetooth Speakers Range

Bluetooth speakers that are logo printed with your corporate branding are highly prized as promotional gifts for your more meaningful prospects who are worth the little extra. Yet surprisingly some are cheap enough to be used as branded giveaways at events.

Bluetooth speaker logo branding.

The differing shape and sizes of speakers gives a wide range of branding opportunities using printing or engraving in a restrained but sophisticated style or a dramatic full colour print over the full surface of the side of a cube for example.

Also look out for the speakers which illuminate your logo with LEDs light when in use or charging.

Some wireless speakers include power banks.

Since Bluetooth speakers contain their own rechargeable battery some come equipped with circuitry to turn them into power banks for charging your own remote devices. These tend to have a higher charge capacity so the play time and music output power is impressive.

We have some high items that make rewarding corporate gifts that are bound to impress.

Logo branded bluetooth speakers

Branded Bluetooth Speakers