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Branded RFID Blocking Sleeves & Wallets BF22

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With RFID protection

Special card sleeve which protects your payment cards against RFID skimming (unauthorised access by hidden RFID/NFC card readers).

Three types for your cards

Card guard, Type: Vertical with an end opening, made of special paper with foil printing.

Card guard, Type: Horizontal with a side opening along the length, made of special paper with foil printing.

Security card, Type: Card for inside your wallet, made of plastic with UV printing.

Passport type

Made of Special paper and printed with foild this sleeve with a customisable design keeps your passport with RFID chip safe wherever you go, made of special paper with foil printing.

Product Code:BF22
Material:Plastic or special paper
Logo print style:UV Printing, Foils
Dimensions:85 x 55mm
Dimensions Passport:140 x 105mm
Standard Packaging:Polybag
Lead time:10 working days
Minimum Order:100 pieces