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Promotional & Branded Webcam Covers & Webcam Blockers

Why block your webcam with a cover?

Protect your privacy.

As creepy as it may seem it is possible that remote software can activate the webcam on your laptop or desktop computer without you noticing.

A promotional webcam cover is therefore a very reassuring logo branded giveaway and what makes it particularly compelling as a promo item is that your brand name sits above the laptop or computer screen and is visible at all times. As a promotional gift this provides possibly the ultimate combination of brand visibility versus price. Phonomenally good value branding.

Look up "facial expression recognition in advertising" on the internet and you can find articles about "How Emotion-Detection Technology Will Change Marketing". Enjoy the delicious irony that you can provide a gift that helps protect your clients from pernicious marketing yet uses your logo branded product to do so.

If you want to avoid plastic then our Eco version in wheatstraw bioplastic is worth a quote BP702. Also note that BF24 are custom shaped webcam blockers that are unique to you and will give you a branding edge without breaking the bank.

The most common type of webcam blocker has a sliding action they reveal and obscures the lens as an when needed. These have self adhesive backs and simply stick to the device whether desktop ot laptop.

A less common and low cost camera blocker is the BF18 which will stick over the lens once and for all and are good for glass devices like mobile phones and tablets. They can be removed but are not really for multiple use. They can be flat or a particularly attractive domed print provide a cheap fun gift for when you need large quantities for a promotion.

Promotional & branded webcam covers and webcam blockers

Promotional & branded webcam covers and blockers