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We offer one simple low price for any quantity over the minimum order for all pens with a GS code prefix.

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Distinguishing features

Medium ballpoint plastic pen with black ink. Vibrant colours, jewel-tone barrel with grip colours, shapely plastic pen.

Mixed colors are also available.

Product Code:GS34 - PFJ
Colours:Blue 293, orange 1495, purple 266, red 193, smooke 405
Refill:Slim refill
Print Method:Silkscreen, ColourJet
Silkscreen Imprint Area:38.1 mm x 19.05 mm (Centered On Barrel)
ColourJet Imprint Area:50.8 mm x 7.01 mm (Centered On Barrel)
Standard Packaging:Bags of 50
Minimum Order:250
Lead time:4-5 Working Days