Crazy Dave Promo

Promotional Biscuits Cookies & Snacks

Let us logo brand the packaging of your promotional biscuits and snacks such as chocolate chip cookies, Scottish shortbread, granola bars and even tea bags.

Our biscuits are packaged in logo printed tins and other packaging with printed labels and small snack sized flow bags which can be either labelled or branded with full colour digital print for high visiblity. There is also a bus biscuit tin that can be printed on the top and sides and that comes with biscuits, tea or a mixture of both.

In addition to biscuits we include promotional snack bags containing a selection from: tea bags, milk stick sachets, mini shortbread biscuits, Kit Kat, hot chocolate sachets or mini marshmallows. The snack bags are popular for branding at events like conferences when attendees pause for a break.

Most of our biscuits and snacks are available for quantities as low as 100 packets or tins whilst digitally printed flow wrapped packs are at a lower cost per unit but require a quantity of 2000 to be purchased.

Branded Biscuits Cookies & Snacks