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Smart Touch Elite Stylus Pen CP206

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The touch stylus pen plus ball point pen.

For any capacitive touch screen including iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire...

This is both a roller ball pen and a capacitive stylus pen. It works on any capacitive touch screen device as found on an iPad or smartphone / iPhone. You can use it to write with the ball point or or touch with the rounded end.

The minimum order quantity is 50.

This stylus is for all capacitive touch screens.

The Smart Touch Elite Stylus Pen is perfectly suited to all devices with a capacitive touch screen and that means iPad, iPod, iPhone, PDA and Android tablet computers and Android phones.

Product Code:CP206
Colours:white, black
Material:High quality stainless steel
Logo Printing:Screen printing
Dimensions:120mm x 8mm x 8mm
Print Area:50mm x 6mm
Lead time:5-7 days delivery
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Pens without Stylus?

We also supply Promotional Pens without stylus tips. Many of our stylus pens are available without stylus tips so please ask Crazy Dave for prices.

What is a capacitive stylus pen?

Well for a start, it is not capacitive! A little knowledge …

Capacitance is one of the basic properties in electonics. If you think of two conductive plates sandwiching an insulating sheet, that is a capacitor. If there is a changing electrical level on one plate it causes a small change in the other so it can be detected.

Your finger is one of those capacitor plates. The other is behind an insulating layer on the touch screen. Your body has an electrical signal and your touch or swipe is detected by the touch screen.

An ordinary piece of plastic or the blunt end of a plastic pen won't work because that is an insulator and your signal cannot reach the touch screen. A capacitive stylus pen is actually slightly conductive to allow your signal to reach the screen. It is called capacitive because it is for use with a capacitive touch screen. To be correct it is a capacitive touch screen stylus pen. But who wants to say all that?

So there you have it! Now impress everbody in the office with your new found knowledge.

Why use a capacitive stylus pen?

They are nice!. They are accurate and gentle on the touch screen because they have a soft tip.

A stylus pen can make life easier if you have long fingernails. Here is a comment from someone who had problems with her fingernails on the iPad and made the ultimate sacrifice.