Crazy Dave Promo UK

Promotional Mints, Logo Branded and Custom Wrapped

It's cool to give mints as promo gifts when they are branded with your business logo. Mint Imperials are probably the most popular but we also have Mini Mints which come in various custom wrap packs, clear plastic pots & rectangular boxes and sweet tins which are good as branded travel mints.

The "So Strong" mints are for those who like extra strength and those are packaged in a logo printed paper and foil wrapped tube.

Also Ice Cool Loops which you could call the mint without the hole so we give you a little extra.

Not forgetting the convenient pocket sized ice cool breath mints in a familiar looking transparent rectangular plastic container with flip open tab company logo branded for business promotion.

Mint Imperials in printed containers make ideal wedding favours, for example the TS104 maxi round pot with full colour artwork makes an attractive idea for a wedding reception table.

Promotional Mint Selection