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Promotional Fidget Poppers, Push Poppets WL060

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The push pop fidget toy with logo branding.

It's here. With the buzz of any hit gadget these poppet fidget toys are exploding in popularity so don't miss being the first get your logo out there into the fiddling hands of your target audience.

Your company logo can be full colour printed or printed in 1 to 4 spot colours in a flat section with an area of 92 x 20mm. The whole round version of the toy is 125mm diameter.

This branded fidget poppet is a fun gift for your frustrated clients and favourite stressed executives and workers.

You can put away the bubble wrap and push pop these fidget pops all day with satisfying clicks. Just flip it over when all are popped.

Reputed to be a sensory toy to help de-stress or help you concentrate but we say never mind if it is serious or frivilous, just have some fun with your branding. Isn't it about time we had some fun? 😄

You can play competitively against another players too. We show a couple of examples of play below.

The popper fidget toy provides a satisfying sensory and tactile experience for all ages. Covered in small bubble shapes that make a gratifying pop sound when pushed inwards and the bubble then appears on the other side ready to be popped back. Its a win-win until teacher takes it away from you. 😢

Product Code:WL060
Standard Colours:Black, white, red, blue
Pantone Colours:For quantities of 500+
Logo Print type:Full colour or 1-4 spot colour.
Branding area:92 x 20mm, front and back
Dimensions:125mm diameter
Packaging:Cellophane bag
Lead time:2 - 3 weeks.
Minimum Order:50 pieces

Push poppets rules 1.

Don't pop the last bubble! Players take it in turn until one is forced to pop the last bubble. Then you flip it over and play again.

Push Pop fidget toy Rules 1

Pop it push popper rules 2.

Here's a variation. It's the same except you can only push bubbles in a row that's directly next to each other without any popped bubbles in between.

Push Pop fidget toy Rules 2

A closer look

Fidget pop close up of bubbles

Bubbles on the bespoke fidget pop can have tactile patterning in relief

Fidget pop close up of bubbles

Rabbit face relief on the bubbles of the bespoke pop-it fidget