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Promotional Advent Calendars

TS Range Chocolate Advent Calendars

8 Customisable A4 Advent Calendars to Give Your Customers a Helping Hand.

Our advent calendars are available to order and made with high quality Barry Callebaut Belgian chocolates and with a fully bespoke box.

You won't want to miss out. Inside door printing and mailing cartons available upon request.

Advent calendars 1 & 2

Advent calendars 1 & 2

Advent calendars 3 & 4

Advent calendars 3 & 4

Advent calendars 5 & 6

Advent calendars 5 & 6

Advent calendars 7 & 8

Advent calendars 7 & 8

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Our excellent range of promotional advent calendars range from low cost to top quality and from famous brands like Lindt and Brandt and they are made in the UK.

Too early?

It's a common misconception that it's too early to give advent calendars and this view usually persists until it too late! That's because of lead times and remember you will need to give them before December not during December! Giving sooner means your brand will sit in view in anticipation as the nights draw in.

As well as the traditional wall type calendar the desk advent calendar is particularly good for the work place with a practical fold-out stand on the back so it can sit next to the computer screen as a constant reminder of your company brand throughout December.

Our inexpensive JN calendars are small in format but excel thanks to top-quality Brandt chocolate. They are individually printed in classic solid board box from 100% recyclable materials with 100% climate-neutral production.

The calendars have fillings from simple chocolates to Lindt Balls, Celebrations, M&Ms chocolate coated whole-wheat crunchies, chocolates with festive christmas shapes