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Promotional Tins of Sweets

  • Branded & Promotional Tins of Sweets Custom Logo Printed

    Branded & Promotional Tins of Sweets Custom Logo Printed

Custom printed sweet tins are more sophisticated and enduring than other packaging. Great for travel sweets, wedding favours and making a more robust impact.

Tin types are:

Bus Tin, Calendar Tin, Calendar Tin Desk Tidy, Money Box Tin, Flip top tin, Gold or Silver Caviar tin, Gold Sweet Tin, White Sweet Tin, Mini Ring Pull Tin, Ring Pull Tin, Travel Sweets Large & Small, Pocket Tin, Slim Tin, Small Paint Tin, Sunray Share Tin, Sunray Treat Tin, Treat Tin.

Filling types for sweet tins are:

Beanies, Celebrations, chocolate buttons (milk), chocolate buttons (white), chocolate malt balls (white), chocolate malt balls (milk), koala bears, jolly beans, mint imperials, original scottish mini shortbread, Polo Fruits, Retro sweets, Skittles, tea & biscuits, tea bags, jelly beans, jolly beans, beanies, jelly babies, Jesters, speckled chocolate eggs, Werther's Original, Chewits.

Ask for any combination of filling and sweet tin you like. Many combinations are possible.

Promotional Tins of Sweets